James Joyce statue in North Earl Street, Dublin

Joyce's Dublin statue. Usually referred to as "The prick with the stick"

To commemorate Bloomsday (which is today – well, pretty much yesterday now), you could take weeks out of your life to read Ulysses and marvel at its, erm, craft and the importance of where Leopold Bloom goes for a wee-wee. You could go to a public reading that has been pre-approved by Stephen Joyce, executor of the Joyce estate. You could wait until next year, when the book has left copyright protection and organise your own public reading, complete with balloon-making clowns and elephants.

You could ferret your way through the great novel as you wander from pub to pub to recreate Leopold’s day-long adventure. Try a walking tour of Dublin to see all the old haunts that Joyce fondly remembered and sent his hero to drink in, get sick outside or urinate behind.

Why bother. I’ve read it for you. Here’s all you need to know:

James Joyce's Ulysses told by the stick man

The stick man always sticks it to the man. This time, it's James Joyce's Ulysses.

You can click the image to get the larger version if squinting at the screen isn’t your thing.